I’m a final-year PhD Student at Rutgers University currently working on the design and development of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for solving problems in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. More specifically, my research focuses on developing deep generative models for self-supervised scene understanding and language understanding. Before joining Rutgers, I obtained my B.Sc in Computer Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2016.

In my free time, I travel and think about how to use day to day experiences to solve AI problems!

  • I interned at Apple Care's Business Intelligence team, designing natural language understanding models to identify, suggest and connect related customer support issues.

  • I interned at Dataminr, designing a prototype for deep multi-modal unsupervised machine translation.

  • I interned at Disney Research, designing and developing a natural language understanding model for semantic parsing of textual scripts , as well as a hierarchical deep neural model with attention for online dialogue topic modelling.

  • I’m also a reviewer for several AI journals and conferences and journals including ICLR, AAAI, AISTAT, NAACL, Webconf, LDK, etc.


I am always looking for exciting research and professional opportunities, so if you want to get in touch, please look at my contact page.


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  • I'll be joining Apple as a Data Science intern for summer 2021. 

  • I'll be joining Dataminr as a deep-learning research intern for spring 2021. 

  • I'll be presenting "SCALOR: Generative World Models with Scalable Object Representations" on Apr. 30th at ICLR 2020.

  • Our paper "SCALOR: Generative World Models with Scalable Object Representations" will be presented at ICLR 2020.

  • I’ll be presenting "Topic Spotting using Hierarchical Networks with Self Attention" at NAACL2019.

  • Our paper "Domain Authoring Assistant for Virtual Intelligent Agents" is accepted as an Oral presentation at AAMAS 2019.

  • I’ll be joining Disney Research as a Research Intern for summer 2018.

  • Awarded 5000$ Fellowship for Excellence.